ECBACC 20-On-20

ECBACC 20-On-20

The first East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) occurred May 11th 2002. In celebration of its 20th year serving this region’s Black indie comic creators and aficionados, 20 members of its vast and ever-growing community were asked to share their memories of ECBACC as well as their hopes for the future of this Philadelphia staple. Please enjoy ECBACC's 20-On-20.

Turtel Onli

Black Age of Comics Originator

Maurice Waters

First Event Coordinator

Carla Wiley

Dedicated Volunteer

Kelli Mickens PhD

Faithful Congoer

Joseph R. Wheeler III


Farugh Maat

Dreadlocks AfriCozplayer

Andre Batts

Motor City Black Age Of Comics Founder

Roxanne Whitney

AfriCoz Luminary

Christine Churchwell

AfriCoz Innovator


Black Heroes Matter Founder

Karama Horne

theblerdgurl Founder

Shawn Alleyne

Pyroglyphics Founder

Damon Osa Cunningham

Armourer & Prop Maker

Naseed Gifted

Khem Fest Founder

Eric Battle

Veteran Illustrator

William Foster

Host & Moderator

Greg Anderson Elysée

Multi Glyph Award Winner

Omar Bilal

Creator of Glyph Awards Logo

Yumy Odom